Find HERE the Technical Data of ECOMOBILE Commercial Vehicles.

Data and Technical Elements provided by Car Manufacturers and Bodybuilders

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Ecomobile makes available in this brochure a set of elements, data and characteristics, namely certain dimensions of the cargo boxes of its commercial vehicles, in order to be able to assist, as best as possible, its customers when choosing the vehicle that best suits their needs

Technical data are always provided by car manufacturers and bodybuilders, when dealing with chassis-cab vehicles, by means of online consultation or in physical mode. Therefore, Ecomobile declines any responsibility, direct or indirect, and the customer is always responsible for investigating and certifying, live and in loco, primarily at Ecomobile facilities, whether the reserved vehicle is suitable for its intentions. At no time does Ecomobile replace the customer with the decision which commercial vehicle is ideal for a certain task.

The data, elements and characteristics, namely images, made available in this brochure are neither binding nor contractual. They must always be observed and analyzed from a merely indicative point of view and close to reality. Ecomobile reserves the right to decline any lapse or error, namely in the measurements of the cargo boxes or exact dimensions of the vehicles that are in accordance with the information provided by the car manufacturers/bodybuilders. All vehicles are limited to the existing fleet at the booking time.

From the experience of professionals in the freight transport sector and Ecomobile itself, it should always be given a margin of at least 15% in the cargo box space, according to the goods to be transported, since that the height/width/length assumptions do not always have the same measurements in their entire dimension because a cargo box inside has several cutouts, bumps and shapes that are not naturally uniform throughout. This observation is due to the fact that car builders/bodybuilders seek the maximum possible area, always keeping in mind safety as the main factor in the construction of commercial vehicles. For example, when you intend to transport 4m3 of cargo, you must rent a commercial vehicle of 4.6m3, that is, assign a cargo space 15% higher for the goods to be transported.

So, with this brochure Ecomobile seeks to elucidate, as best as possible, its customers on the type of commercial vehicle they should rent in line with the best practices in the car rental sector, preserving the rigor and accuracy of the products that it has that are naturally always in constant evolution and performance improvement, being automatically in tune with car manufacturers and bodybuilders.

For any doubt or more detailed clarification, Ecomobile welcomes contact directly at its facilities or through its Booking Center with the telephone numbers (+351) 256 100 261 (national call) and mobile (+351) 913 925 393 (national mobile call) and the e-mail address: 

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