Bookings / Fees

Yes, you can book additional extras online, through the Booking Center (351) 256 100 261 (national call) or directly in the moment of the picking up of the vehicle (subject to availability)
Liability Insurance (R.C) in the amount of €50.000.000,00 (tax exempt according to the art.º 9, no. 28 from C. I. V. A.) + Road Travel Assistence 24h – call to Allianz Portugal (+351) 800 201 833 (national call) + C.D.W. (Collision Damage Waiver with Minimum Excess. The amount of the Minimum Excess varies according to the contractualized car group. Exempt from taxes acordding to the art.º 9, no. 28 from C. I. V. A.) + Circulation Supplement (LAF / Road Tax) + Any Airport Fees + Any Via Verde Fee (Physical and/or Electronic Tolls) + Best Price + Taxes + Maximum limit of kilometers per rental. For more informations please contact the Booking Center or know more in
The S.C.D.W. automatically expires in cases of negligence, misuse, driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances. However, this insurance eliminates the value of any type of excess, partially or in full, in the event of an accident against third parties, even if you are responsible for it, except for those provided for in no. 6.9 of the GENERAL RENTAL CONDITIONS. Only the Driver aged 25 or over and who has a Driving License for more than one year can benefit from this coverage. The S.C.D.W. is charged per day according to the type of vehicle and the maximum amount to be paid corresponds to the maximum limit of 15 days of rental. When contracting the S.C.D.W. is obliged to pay a deposit, always on a credit card, which varies depending on the group rented. The car groups referring to vans & trucks are fully excluded from this coverage. We advise you to subscribe to QIV (Breaking Glass Coverage) for better protection.
You can verify a reservation simulation and verify the car availability online without making a reservation. You can also contact the Ecomobile – Rent a Car Reservation Center through the number (+351) 256 100 261 (national call) to get more information or clarification. However everytime you make a reservation request online, you always need the availability confirmation from the Ecomobile – Rent a Car comercial services.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail, with the details of your reservation. Only after being contacted by the commercial services of the Ecomobile – Rent a Car you can considered your reservation as confirmed. Your reservation request is only a request and always requires confirmation. The automatic e-mail sent at the end of the reservation request is only a detail of the simulation made. The confirmation is always sent by the Ecomobile- Rent a Car commercial services after your request is all confirmed.
You should always contact the Ecomobile – Rent a Car Reservation Center through the (+351) 256 100 261 (national call) in order to proceed with the modification or any alteration of your reservation. In order to cancel your reservation you should, when doing it, add the Reservation Cancellation Supplement. This supplement allows that within 48 hours before the vehicle’s pick up, you can cancel your reservation, without any costs. The Reservation Cancellation Supplement is not applicable during High Season (from 01/07 or 30/09 and from 15/12 to 10/01).
The Driver and the Additional Drivers should have driving license, at least one year. If they have less than 25 years old they must add the Young Driver Supplement.
Yes. All the rentals are subject to a mileage limit. Contact the Reservation Center (+351) 256 100 261 (national call) for more information, or consult physically the information available at each Service Station in order to know more, as well as in the official site.
Yes. Ecomobile – Rent a Car provides a Delivery and Collection Service, through which you no longer need to go to a Service Station in order to pick up or deliver a rental car, as well as the vehicle can be delivered and collected in a place according to your preference, namely in Hotels. The service can eventually be requested on your Online Reservation or through the Ecomobile – Rent a Car Reservation Center (+351) 256 100 261 (national call).
Yes. However, the Customer is obliged to fulfill the requirements that are fully set forth on the General Rental Terms, namely what is stipulated on the 6th Clause (Insurances).
The amounts of the Excess vary depending on the contracted car group. You can check the values of the different Excess by making a reservation simulation. However, we make available on this website, more precisely on the "More Information" page, a table with all the existing values by car groups.
If a damage occurs, of your responsability, during the rental, it will be charged the corresponding amount to its repair, until the maximum amount of the Minimum Required Franchise, with some exceptions, according to what is refered in our General Rental Terms.

Payments / Deposits

You can pay with a Credit Card (MasterCard, American Express or Visa), Debit Card, Money or Bank Transfer.
You can make the Deposit by Credit Card or any other mechanism that Ecomobile - Rent a Car sees fit. Deposit values vary depending on the vehicle category, there are 3 amounts, €300,00, €500,00 and €800,00. According to the car group and the contracted excess, the deposit value is always the same, that is, regardless of whether a excess is contracted, with or without reduction or even its extinction, the deposit value is always the same. It is not allowed Virtual Credit Card to make the deposit. It is obligatory a Physical Credit Card to pick-up the car. For further information, contact the Ecomobile - Rent a Car Reservations Center through the telephone number (+351) 256 100 261 (national call) or through the e-mail address
Yes it can. Since you report the Ecomobile – Rent a Car commercial services timely.
Virtual Credit Card is not allowed to make the deposit. A Physical Credit Card is required to pick up the car.
A Virtual Credit Card consisting of a temporary card that will be created online. The card is associated with the bank account at the user's order, but, however, it has a validity of the registered data, which means that its data will disappear after a while.

Pick up of the Vehicle

Yes. In the moment of the deliver it must be made a thorough check of the vehicle by the Driver together with an Ecomobile – Rent a Car employer, in order to update the information on the Check Out / Check In sheet related to the vehicle’s condition. This procedure will repeat itself on the return of the vehicle.
You will need to bring the original driving license with you, issued over a year ago and valid in the European Union (EU) + Identification Document ex.: Passport, ID card, Citizen Card, Taxpayer Card (only for residents in National Territory) + Credit Card. It is not allowed Virtual Credit Card to make the deposit. It is obligatory a Physical Credit Card to pick-up the car.
Unfortunately it is not at all possible, as the presentation of all the original Identification Documents is obligatory to rent a vehicle in the Ecomobile – Rent a Car, as it requires the Law in Portugal.
Because it's faster, cheaper and because Ecomobile – Rent a Car ensures a quick response to your request.

Delivery of the Vehicle

It is possible to extend the duration of the rental. For this you should contact Ecomobile – Rent a Car by the phone (+351) 256 100 261 (national call) or go to the nearest Service Station. The extension is subject to the availability of the vehicle and to the additional payment. If the extension is authorized by Ecomobile – Rent a Car you should go to a nearest Service Station and preferably to the one where you have made the pick up of the rented car in order to receive documentation and to make the payment of the same.
Traffic tickets, fines or other violations of the Highway Code are the responsibility of the Client/Driver. In the event that Ecomobile – Rent a Car is notified, by any public or private entity, for the payment of traffic tickets, fines or other violations of the Highway Code, it will identify the driver and charge administrative expenses resulting from this identification, as stipulated in the General Rental Terms.
The Customer may purchase from Ecomobile – Rent a Car the Toll Management Service, which ensures the timely payment of the toll fee(s) due by the Customer for the use of the Portuguese road infrastructures (motorways and bridges), including those that only have the electronic billing system. If the Customer does not subscribe to the Toll Service, he is obliged to pay to the competent Billing Entities all and any toll fee(s) and respective administrative cost(s), that are due to the use of the vehicle object of the Rental Contract, by the driver or any other additional driver during the term of the same, being responsible for the consequences resulting from the non-compliance, incurring, namely, in the practice of an infraction punishable by a fine under Portuguese Law.
Yes, it is possible. Ecomobile – Rent a Car has the "Out of Hours" Supplement available to respond to situations outside the opening hours of the Service Stations. This situation must be requested to the Reservation Center, by calling (+351) 256 100 261 (national call) or to the following e-mail This service must be requested well in advance and needs confirmation.
Ecomobile – Rent a Car is always at your disposal to give you information about objects lost inside the vehicles. You can contact Ecomobile – Rent a Car through the Reservation Center (+351) 256 100 261 (national call). However, Ecomobile – Rent a Car declines any responsibility for objects that are left inside the vehicles.


Yes it can. Ecomobile – Rent a Car allows the introduction of one or more Additional Drivers. You must present the originals of all Personal Documentation of the Additional Driver(s) at the time of the booking or when picking up the vehicle. This permission requires the payment of the Additional Driver Supplement.
You should immediately contact the Ecomobile – Rent a Car Reservation Center through the telephone number (+351) 256 100 261 and the Travel Assistance through the number (+351) 800 201 833 (national call), if the insurance policy is from Allianz Portugal and you’re in Portugal, or (+351) 213 129 210 (national call), if you’re abroad, if the car breakdown/problem makes it impossible to move the rental vehicle.
You should immediately contact Ecomobile – Rent a Car to inform you that you have been involved in an accident. You must always fill out the Friendly Declaration of Automobile Accident (DAAA) and call the Police Authorities (GNR, PSP, ...) to make the report of the occurrence. All documentation related to the accident must be delivered to Ecomobile – Rent a Car as soon as possible.
The vehicle must be returned until the same pick-up time (with a maximum tolerance of 30 minutes). After this period, an extra day is charged.
An extra amount will be applied, relative to the One Way Supplement that Ecomobile – Rent a Car charges in these situations. However, if you want to have this procedure you should always contact the Ecomobile – Rent a Car Reservation Center through the number (+351) 256 100 261 (national call) to inform you of the intended change.
No. Just the Driving License that allows you to drive passenger and commercial vehicles, B and B1, respectively.
Ecomobile – Rent a Car only accepts the booking of vehicle groups and never of specific car models. Thus, Ecomobile – Rent a Car guarantees only the group of vehicles. However, if it is possible, Ecomobile – Rent a Car will do everything to satisfy the Customer in order to provide the desired model, upon the fleet available at the moment.
Yes. It has a Fuel Policy based on 3 modalities. The "Deposit Full -> Empty" in which you receive the full deposit and return it empty. The "Deposit Full -> Full" in which you receive the full deposit and also return it full ". Finally, there is the solution" Deposit Full -> Flex "in which you receive it full and return it as the fuel tank is. Learn more in" More Information "in the" Fuel Policy "section.
The need to comply with the gas emission limits established by European standards (Euro 6) and American standards led car manufacturers to look for solutions that would make it possible to reduce polluting gases. Faced with this concern and need, the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology emerged, whose objective is to significantly reduce polluting nitrogen oxide emissions. New diesel cars are already equipped with this technology and this is where AdBlue® liquid is used. The AdBlue® is an innovative product composed of urea and demineralized water, essential for all cars that use the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system to reduce nitrogen emissions in EURO 4, EURO 5 and, in particular, in diesel vehicles EURO 6, in line with E6 pollution legislation. Find out more about AdBlue® on the "MORE INFORMATION" page of this website.

E-Toll Service from Ecomobile - Rent a Car

This service allows the payment of all toll roads in Portugal, including those with electronic tolls (Ex-Scut’s).
Tranquility: allows full compliance of the law, avoids the payment of fines and other administrative costs; Convenience: avoids wasting time paying tolls, namely electronic tolls; Saves time: avoids paying traditional doorman tolls; Scope: the system is applicable to all roads on the national motorway network.
Adhesion to the Toll Service is carried out automatically by the Lessee at the start of the rental or at the time of booking, by signing the General and Particular Conditions of Rental. By automatically subscribing to the Toll Service, which is already included in the Base Rental Rate, the Lessee subscribes to the respective service for the amount of €1.70 + VAT = €2.09 per day, up to a maximum of €17.00 + VAT = €20.91, obviously plus the respective toll value. (Ordinance No. 190/2013 of May 23).
Payment for the Ecomobile - Rent a Car Toll Service can only be made using a credit card valid for a minimum period of 30 days.
No, pursuant to Portuguese legislation, namely Decree-Law No. 84-C/2022, the payment of the toll fees must be mandatorily made to Ecomobile - Rent a Car, as Lessor and owner of the rented vehicle , as it is directly responsible for paying the toll fees to the respective concessionaire. The non-payment of toll fees by the Customer, as a Lessee, to Ecomobile implies other costs and/or administrative expenses provided for in Portuguese law.
The adhering Customer can obtain this and other information related to the Toll Service / e-Toll from Ecomobile – Rent a Car through the following contacts: Toll Service Management: Mobile: (+351) 916 514 777 (national mobile call) | E-mail:
The Customer is responsible for the correct functioning and conservation of the Via Verde identifier, and under no circumstances can remove the referred equipment from the location where it is installed, and must report any anomaly to Ecomobile – Rent a Car. The Customer will be held responsible in the event that the vehicle is returned without the Via Verde identifier and must pay the same to Ecomobile – Rent a Car, in the amount of €73,80 + Taxes.

Complaints / Litigation

Send an e-mail to or you can use an Alternative Dispute Entity Resolution, in which Ecomobile - Aluguer de Veículos Automóveis, Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda., NIPC PT - 508 633 770, is adherent, namely: Porto Consumer and Arbitration Information Center (CICAP); Address: Damião de Góis street, no.31, Loja 6, 4050-225 Porto, Tel .: +351. 225 508 349 (national call) | +351. 225 029 791 (national call); Fax: +351. 225 026 109 (national call); E-mail:; Website:; and the National Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration Center (CNIACC); Address: D. Afonso Henriques street, no. 1, 4700-030 Braga; Tels: +351. 253 619 107 (national call); Fax: +351. --- --- ---; E-mail:; Website: More information at Portal do Consumidor | Information to the consumer under the provisions of article 18 of Law no. 144/2015.

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