“Where do we direct our eyes?”

Filipe Marques
CEO of Ecomobile

For 15 years Ecomobile has challenged itself, working daily to ensure a set of products and services that meet the needs of all those who seek us out, with the process of continuous improvement being one of the intrinsic pillars of our brand.

One of the focuses, and one of the requirements of our organization, is to always have a vehicle fleet available to our Customers that follows the latest technology available on the market, being concerned with reducing the ecological footprint, namely CO2 emissions, even though we know that all mobility causes permanent wear and tear on our planet.

In order to reduce polluting gas emissions, in 2018 we took the difficult decision, with a direct impact on financial results, to eliminate the rental of 5-seat diesel-powered passenger cars, with only passenger cars in our fleet 5-seater petrol hybrid or mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and 100% electric.

On June 2, 2023, 19% of Ecomobile's passenger car fleet was already fully electrified.

We are experiencing one of the most fascinating moments ever in terms of mobility, whose paradigm is gradually changing, with today several energy sources cohabiting for the same means of locomotion, combined with new products and brands. It is a symbiosis of several solutions that, over time, will find their own way and will be perfected and defined, both by science and builders, on the one hand, and by their customers and users, on the other.

We are convinced that, in the coming decades, the energy resources and means of mobility that we will use will not be, in part or in whole, the same as those currently used. There is a radical transformation going on and it will never stop.

Given this scenario, Ecomobile decided to develop a concept, which it named MOB'50.

Why MOB’50?

Ecomobile's goal over the next three decades, that is, until 2050, is to incorporate mobility solutions based on a paradigm of excellence at all levels, some of them, at the time, only imaginary or completely utopian or still completely unknown, providing users with seek us, unique experiences and access to sustainable, healthy, technological and intelligent resources and means.

We believe that, by 2050, we will be here with innovative, creative solutions, with various mobility and energy alternatives. Only the progress of everything around us will dictate the trend. We will not be an exception, but an alternative and a solution with its own identity.

A trip from A to B will be much more than a journey through space and time, it should be a journey that will transport us further afield and that beyond is being continually developed.

For all this, and certainly for more variables that will arise, we have created the MOB'50 concept that will challenge us, transport us and lead us to explore new mobility dynamics until 2050.

This is the MOB'50 challenge, explore...

“I know not what tomorrow will bring.”

                           Fernando Pessoa  

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