Do you need to make a home moving, transport some furniture or home appliances and do not want to rent a car for 24 hours?

Then, Ecomobile – Rent a Car has the ideal solution for you!

We now offer the opportunity to rent a commercial vehicle for just the time you need. This campaign allows Ecomobile Customers to rent a commercial vehicle for small periods of the day at reduced prices.

Ecomobile starts this commercial vehicle rental line with the most sought-after car groups in the Portuguese market. The car group 2003 (Ex.: Renault Kangoo Maxi 3 seats 1.5 Dci or similar) with a load box of approximately 5.00m3 (length: 2m10cm | width: 1m23cm | height: 1m23cm), the car group 4001 (Ex.: Renault Trafic L1H1 1.0 T 3 seats 2.0 Dci or similar) with a load box of approximately 6,00m3 (length: 2m40cm | width: 1m39cm | height: 1m39cm) and the car group 4003 (Ex.: Renault Master L3H3 3.5 T 3 places 2.3 Dci or similar) with a load box of approximately 14.00m3 (length: 3m75cm | width: 1m58cm | height: 2m05cm). In the "Vans per Hour" rental line, the 2003 car group is designated CH2003, the car group 4001 is designated CH4001 and the car group 4003 is designated CH4003. In this phase of launching the rental line " Vans per Hour " Ecomobile has at its disposal a fleet of 18 units.

Take advantage of this magnificent promotion in this phase of launching the line "Vans per Hour".


Terms and conditions:

1. The rental "Vans per Hour" requires that the pick up and return of the car must be carried out on the same business day;

2. If the agreed return time is exceeded, Ecomobile will charge the current daily rate of 1 (one) day and the limit of kilometers allowed to be traveled will remain at 120. The value of the extra kilometer will remain at €0,40 (taxes included);

3. In the event that the Customer returns the vehicle after the contractual period, the insurances, coverages and extras must correspond to the number of days of the rental and not to the hours of the established Rental Contract, which comply with the rental line "Vans per Hour";

4. The reservation must be made with a minimum of 24 hours in advance;

5. Rate valid only for weekdays, that is, from Monday to Friday until 7:00 p.m.;

6. Rate with limited kilometers to 120 per rental. Additional kilometers paid separately. Extra kilometer value: €0,40 (Taxes included);

7. Rate not compatible with other campaigns;

8. Rate subject to fleet availability;

9. All figures presented on Ecomobile's website already have taxes included at the legal rate;

10. The base value presented in the Ecomobile website simulator includes the RC Insurance (Liability Insurance) with 24-hour Travel Assistance coverage, the CDW Insurance (Own Damage Insurance with Minimum Chargeable Franchise of €2.706,00  for the car group CH2003, of €3.690,00 for the car group CH4001 and €4.305,00 for the car group CH4003) and the Road Tax Supplement (LAF / Road-Tax). Other insurance, coverages and supplements are paid separately;

11. The rental conditions are the general rental terms established;

12. The non-compliance with these terms, particular and general rFental conditions, allows, from now on, Ecomobile – Rent a Car, to charge the Customer the daily rate and, in addition, charges, supplements and penalties.

For more information and clarifications, contact the Reservation Center of Ecomobile – Rent a Car through the e-mail address or through the telefone numbers (+351) 256 100 261 and of mobile phone (+351) 913 925 393.

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