If you rented a car at Ecomobile and liked it, then know that you can get it right away. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We have recent and semi-new vehicles with factory warranty, that is, original and always very well reviewed with possibility of access to maintenance history. Apart from this, we have an extremely appealing price. Many times below market value. In many models that we have for rent and consequently for sale, you can buy a certain semi-new model at a price that is relatively more than the price of new and with possibility of immediate delivery, thus avoiding a waiting endless and exhausting, sometimes months and months. Why wait when you can have your next car right away. Yes, it can be yours and it is in front of you. It is not an equal is even the one who is seeing.

Do not have the money to buy your next car? There’s no problem! We work with the best Credit Institutions that operate in the Portuguese financial market to assist in the acquisition of your next car. We have relatively low and competitive interest rates for periods of 24 months (2 years) to 120 months (10 years) with or without initial entry. In addition, we can even dilute contractual expenses in their monthly installments.

Do you have a car you want to give in return? Also there is no problem. Even if you still have financing in your car, we can possibly retake it in the same way. We evaluate your car by fair market value.

Oh, do not forget a very relevant detail, we only market automobiles of national origin, that is, that circulate in the national territory from new until this moment, and in which you can have access to all the history of a certain automobile from the concession until the moment of purchase. Through the registration or the frame number / chassis you can make a detailed retrospective.

All these services and products are made in partnership with Nação Automóvel, Lda. A company with more than 20 years of existence in the Portuguese automobile market in the area of buying and selling of semi-new and used national automobiles. Nação Automóvel has a license granted by the Bank of Portugal for the exercise of credit intermediation. It has facilities in the town of Paços de Brandão (stand no. 1 and main) and in the town of Arrifana (stand no. 2), both belonging to the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira.

Learn much more at www.nacaoautomovel.com. We wait for you.

Nação Automóvel more than a name, an automobile concept.

In the Nação Automóvel the opportunities are every day.

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